DrawBridge Solutions

We have assembled the most experienced partners in environmental assessment, environmental risk management, environmental and real estate law, real estate, economic development, finance, financial incentives, site categorization, prioritization and corporate site selection, community and stakeholder engagement. The core DrawBridge team consists of BMA, SESCO Group and two other firms—an Information Technology firm, Terradex, LLC, and a national law firm, Clark Hill (collectively, the “Core Team”). Each of the Core Team firms is a standalone business entity.


Adam M. Meek, Esq. – Co-Founder and CEO

As a Co-Founder and the CEO of DrawBridge Solutions LLC, Adam M. Meek, Esq. oversees all of the company’s operations and has primary responsibility for creating its core analytics and advanced transaction strategies. Learn more.

David White – Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

David White is a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of DrawBridge Solutions LLC. Mr. White is responsible for operational and financial management of the organization as well as the project management of DrawBridge’s client engagements, ensuring the proper integration of the financial, real estate, transactional and risk management aspects of DBS’s proprietary property assessments.  Learn more.

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