The Drawbridge Platform: How It Works

DrawBridge Solutions, LLC created The DrawBridge platform to assist owners of environmentally impacted and/or underutilized real estate assets to monetize dormant assets, mitigate long-term potential liabilities, enhance corporate balance sheets and grow earnings, and help communities assess, identify and prioritize properties for strategic and catalytic redevelopment.

Multiple uses. Multiple benefits.

The DrawBridge helps owners identify potential property recovery based on specific redevelopment opportunities and quickly target appropriate and qualified buyer pools—thus, transitioning into a dynamic and easy to use, commercial real estate marketing tool. The DrawBridge expedites the underwriting process providing identified buyers with a single, informative due diligence dashboard application presenting data, analytics and transaction-tested strategic recommendations in both an interactive visual mapping tool and a comprehensive resource library.

Comprehensive research. Expert integration.

DrawBridge will generate a wide range of mission-critical information to facilitate transactions. This work may include the following:

  • Collecting, aggregating and analyzing information in each of the following areas of critical interest to prospective buyers across the spectrum of relevant asset classes:
    • Real estate market information
    • Environmental conditions (known and potential)
    • Regulatory status/assessment
    • Property ownership and history
    • Relevant incentives (federal, state and local)
    • Stakeholders (governmental and private)
    • Economic and demographic data
    • Infrastructure identification and assessment
    • Risk mitigation options/strategies

DrawBridge can provide multiple tools to facilitate potential agreements:

  • GIS-based mapping tools and data management
  • Site-specific and area-wide redevelopment and repositioning assessments
  • Generating white papers, analytical reports and other documents/output regarding various topics and issues relevant to the financial, legal and practical feasibility of acquiring and redeveloping particular sites or portfolios (“DBS Reports”)
  • Integrated risk-management and value-recovery options/alternatives and associated recommendations, as well as experienced implementation/execution resources and strategies

Let’s discuss your property or project. Our expertise will facilitate your decision.